Attorney & Staff Profiles

Attorney James Dolenga

James Dolenga

Attorney Jim Dolenga has been practicing law in Southern California for over 20 years. He graduated from Whitter College of Law with his J.D. degree in 1994 and passed the California bar exam in 1994 and the Michigan Bar Exam in 1996. 

Attorney Dolenga has successfully guided thousands of severely disabled clients in presenting their claims before the Social Security Administrations administrative law judges and numerous Federal district courts across the country. As a result of these efforts, his clients have been provided with the resources needed to support themselves and their families.

Through this work, Attorney Dolenga also sees first-hand the catastrophic effects a severe, and often sudden, medical diagnosis or death can have on a family emotionally and financially. This allows him to fully understand how critically important advanced planning can be. Whether in drafting a simple will to protect an individual or a couple and their home and bank account or drafting more complex documents, he understands how important this planning can be to the lives of his clients and their families.

Gloria Dowling-Sierra

Gloria Dowling-Sierra

Gloria Dowling-Sierra has over 30 years of experience in the medical field beginning as a medical assistant, working hands on with patients facing significant medical issues.

She moved into marketing where she worked closely with large corporations such as Toyota, Honda and multiple city accounts, further developing her communication and problem solving skills.

She currently has been with the Law Office of James Dolenga for the past 6 years where her experience in the medical field allows her to communicate effectively with clients facing significant hardship or planning for their end of life concerns.

Gloria provides care to her ailing parents. This emphasizes the importance of planning and preparing for ones future, and the need to be able to delicately discuss sensitive topics with people.

Attorney James Dolenga

Eileen Casiano

Eileen Casiano has been with the Law Office of James Dolenga for over 10 years. She comes from a medical background where she worked directly with patients for over 20 years.

Eileen also tragically lost her son when he was only 16 years old in a traffic accident. Her background working with patients in the medical field, in working with our estate planning and disability clients, and through the grief of losing a child, has given Eileen an extraordinary level of compassion and patience, essential when discussing the difficult topics of disability and end of life.

Eileen works hard to stay on top of all client communications so that our clients know how much we value them.