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Answers to Your FAQs About Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Simi Valley CA
Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Simi Valley CA

Medi-Cal is a government health insurance program for qualifying individuals and families. Your dad’s income is limited, and he has Parkinson’s, which requires a large number of medical appointments and therapeutic services. His doctor recommends he applies for Medi-Cal. How can a Medi-Cal Planning Attorney help?

You, your dad, and other immediate family members are not familiar with Medi-Cal. Here are answers to many of the most common questions.


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Income requirements are strict. If your dad lives alone, he cannot have income greater than $18,755, including Social Security payments, 401k, pensions, etc. If your dad has a spouse, the amount is $25,268.

If he is disabled, over the age of 65, or blind, the income requirements may not matter. If your dad resides in a nursing home, he’ll also find it’s possible to qualify.

Your dad must meet the requirements and provide the totals for all of his assets, including stocks, CDs, IRAs, savings/checking accounts, mortgage statements, vehicle registration, and life insurance policies.

Your dad must reside in California. He has to prove this by submitting a copy of his California driver’s license, a current utility bill, a tax bill, or the receipt for his California home’s rent or mortgage payment.


What Is the Enrollment Period?

Your dad may be used to having to sign up for healthcare insurance during a specific enrollment period. That’s not the case with Medi-Cal. He can sign up as soon as he realizes he needs it. He may not be sure if he qualifies. It never hurts to ask an expert in Medi-Cal.


What Health Care Services Does Medi-Cal Cover?

When your dad is approved for Medi-Cal, he no longer has to worry about expensive medical bills. For most applicants, Medi-Cal covers all health care visits, emergency care, hospitalizations, prescription medications, and nursing home care. If your dad suffers from depression, mental health care is also covered.

Medi-Cal covers the cost of chronic disease management, lab services, and physical/occupation/speech therapists. Members receive quality care to promote their well-being and health.


Does He Have to Change Physicians or Hospitals?

Many of California’s medical professionals and hospitals accept Medi-Cal. In the rare event that he has to switch, he can go to Medi-Cal and access the Managed Care Health Plan Directory.


Can Medi-Cal Come After the Estate for Repayment of Your Dad’s Care?

Talk to an attorney about protecting your dad’s estate. While applicants who are under the age of 55 don’t have to worry, the Department of Health Care Services does have an Estate Recovery policy in place.

Theoretically, the agency could come after the estate with a claim for the cost of your dad’s care. Work with an elder law attorney to learn more about protecting his estate.


How Can Your Dad Improve His Chances of Getting His Application Approved?

What steps can your dad take to ensure his Medi-Cal application is approved as quickly as possible? Have him work with a Medi-Cal attorney. An expert’s help can make a big difference.

With a Medi-Cal attorney’s expertise, your dad has help with understanding the paperwork to include with his application, how long it can take, and preventative steps to avoid a denial of benefits. Call to schedule a consultation today.


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