SSI vs SSDI – Can You Qualify for Both?

SSI Attorney Ontario CA - SSI vs SSDI - Can You Qualify for Both?

SSI Attorney Ontario CA-Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are two completely different programs that serve different needs. Consulting with an SSI attorney can help you understand the requirements.

Get Started With Medi-Cal Planning

Elder Law Attorney Moreno Valley CA - Get Started With Medi-Cal Planning

Elder Law Attorney Moreno Valley CA-Have you ever considered how your dad will afford his medical care over the next years and decades? Medi-Cal is both a California and federal government program designed to help older adults afford important healthcare services.

Long-Term Care Planning Month: Time to Talk About Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Anaheim

Long-term care is something families should talk about before it becomes necessary. If you haven’t, October’s Long-Term Care Planning Month is a good time to have that conversation. Sometimes, families get caught off guard by the realities of long-term care, so it’s important to understand the realities. If your dad has a stroke? What are […]

Your Guide to How SSDI Works

SSDI Attorney in Riverside

When you’re not of age to qualify for Social Security benefits, but must stop working due to disability or a qualifying health reason, what are your options? Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI for short, is an important benefit. However, not everyone qualifies. Learn more about how SSDI works. What Are the Qualifying Conditions and Illnesses? […]

What Exactly Does Medi-Cal Do to Help Your Aging Dad?

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Huntington Beach

Your dad is getting older, and his healthcare needs and costs are getting out of hand. Have you looked into Medi-Cal? It could be the answer he needs to ensure he gets the care he needs and doesn’t make money-saving decisions that jeopardize his health. What Is Medi-Cal? Medi-Cal is a health insurance plan available […]

Did You Know Your Mom Can Still Get Paid If She Can’t Work?

Elder Law Attorney in San Bernardino

In the U.S. alone, there are 6.5 million adults with Alzheimer’s dementia. It’s not just affecting the elderly. Blue Cross stated that in 2017, over 130,000 people between 30 and 64 were diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The numbers had increased by 200% from 2013. Your mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but she is […]

What Does It Take to Qualify for SSI and SSDI?

SSDI Attorney in San Bernardino, CA.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) are government programs designed to help people with blindness and disabilities or who are 65 or older. You must understand precisely what these programs offer and what it takes to qualify for them.   Your dad has Alzheimer’s and can no longer work but needs […]

Would Medi-Cal Work For Your Mom’s Long-Term Care Needs?

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Los Angeles

Your mom had a stroke, and her care needs cover an expansive list. Your family worries about this as everyone still works full-time, and many of you have children at home, too. No one can quit their job, and your mom’s medical team recommends skilled nursing care in a long-term care facility and many sessions […]

Does Your Dad Qualify for SSI or SSDI? Perhaps both.

SSI Attorney in Simi Valley

Ever since he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, you worry about your dad. He struggles to keep up with his bills. You’ve heard about SSI and SSDI. Perhaps, you wonder if he qualifies for either. Here’s what you need to know: A Quick Breakdown of SSI and SSDI SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, […]

Tips for Helping Your Mom Understand Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Long Beach

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. To qualify, your mom must be 65 or older, require skilled nursing care in a care home, have a qualifying disability, or meet the income guidelines. It may be hard for you to understand all the rules, making it hard to explain things to your mom. How do you help […]