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Common Pitfalls at Your Disability Hearing

Avoid These Common Pitfalls at Your Disability Hearing

As a Long Beach Social Security lawyer may tell you, there are some common mistakes people make at their disability hearings that may hurt their cases more than helping them. Many of these mistakes are made because claimants misunderstand what the administrative law judge is looking for in their testimony. Following are a few of these common errors. If you avoid these, you will be well on your way toward giving great testimony at your upcoming disability hearing.
Stay Away from Drama, Cautions a Long Beach Social Security Lawyer

Some claimants are tempted to underscore their disability by putting on a theatrical display for the judge. The judge may interpret this as dishonesty. However, if you have a genuine problem at the hearing and you need to stop the hearing, it is okay to let the judge and your Long Beach Social Security lawyer know about it.
Avoid Attempts to Convince the Judge That You Are a “Good Person”

Disability is for the disabled, not the virtuous. Your character does not have any bearing on your disability. Claimants will sometimes volunteer information that is meant to show how good they are in the mistaken belief that this will influence the judge’s decision. Avoid this pitfall, as it could backfire. The judge is going to be more interested in your symptoms and medical history than your virtuous character.
You Don’t Need to Stress Your Honesty to the Judge

A Social Security lawyer may warn you not to make a point of telling the judge that you are honest. Rather than making you appear trustworthy, making assertions about your honesty might come across as suspicious, says a Long Beach Social Security attorney. Just focus on telling the truth in your testimony. The judge will see that you are honest because the evidence will match your testimony.
Working with a Long Beach Social Security Lawyer

One way to avoid these common mistakes is to practice your testimony with a Social Security attorney. To speak with a Social Security attorney about your disability case or an upcoming disability hearing, call 1-866-772-5299

James Dolenga, JD

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