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Did You Know Your Mom Can Still Get Paid If She Can’t Work?

Elder Law Attorney in San Bernardino
Elder Law Attorney in San Bernardino

In the U.S. alone, there are 6.5 million adults with Alzheimer’s dementia. It’s not just affecting the elderly. Blue Cross stated that in 2017, over 130,000 people between 30 and 64 were diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The numbers had increased by 200% from 2013.

Your mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but she is too young to retire. When she can’t work due to the disease, but she can’t claim Social Security and other retirement benefits, what can she do? It’s time to look at SSDI.

What Is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a benefit available to people with disabilities that prevents them from holding a job. To qualify, they must have a qualifying disability and be unable to perform the duties required in a job. Early-onset Alzheimer’s is on the list of qualifying disabilities.

Each month, your mom would get a financial benefit from the SSA to help pay her bills. It’s not always going to match the income she’s lost, but it’s a start. She will only qualify if she’s earned enough work credits in the past ten years. SSDI is only available to those who have been working and paying Social Security taxes.


It takes six months to be disabled before SSDI kicks in, so there is a waiting period that you have to consider. SSDI pays an average of $1,220 a month (as of January 2022), with a maximum benefit of $3,345. After two years on SSDI, your mom will also qualify for Medicare, which helps cover her medical expenses.

How Do You Apply?

It’s important for your mom to apply as soon as early-onset Alzheimer’s impacts her ability to work. She may find it easy to complete her work duties in the first stages, but that will change, and it’s hard to predict how quickly it will progress. Carefully monitor her cognitive skills. Make sure she’s working with a memory care team to regularly assess her mental capacity.

She needs to provide this information on an application:

  • Her name, date of birth, and contact information
  • Her SSN
  • Her bank accounts, including routing numbers for payments
  • Her medical information, including her doctors’ names and contact information
  • Medications she’s taking
  • Information from her wage statements and tax returns
  • Any workers’ compensation benefits she receives

Make sure your mom’s application is complete and includes all the information needed to get approved. It helps work with an Elder Law attorney that’s helped many others get approved for SSDI benefits.

With an attorney’s help, your mom’s SSI/SSDI application is filled out correctly and has the required documentation to get quick approval. She’ll have money coming in to help pay the bills. Get peace of mind in a tough time and work with an Elder Law attorney.

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