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Healthcare providers who complete forms for the Social Security Administration often have many questions for a Long Beach Social Security lawyer before they complete these forms. A Social Security attorney may be able to provide assistance. Read on for questions that your attorney is commonly asked, and the appropriate responses.

Are All of these Questions Really Necessary?

Functional capacity forms have a number of questions on them because the Social Security Administration mandates receiving highly detailed information. Primarily, these forms are concerned with acquiring information about a particular applicant’s ability to perform work-related functions. This is particularly true when an administrative law judge presides over the case or when a vocational expert will testify about whether particular jobs are available in significant numbers in the national economy, given specific limitations. A Social Security lawyer can explain that small details can sometimes make a big difference in the outcome of the case.

How Can I Fully Explain the Answer If I Have Limited Space?

A Social Security lawyer may recommend that a healthcare provider write a more thorough explanation to a question in the margins of the form. This is especially helpful if an answer to a question is, “it depends.” Provide enough information to fully explain the answer so that the person reading the form can understand the information in context. This is particularly important because the Social Security Administration can give more weight to an opinion that is better explained.

What Do I Do If I Believe My Patient Should Be Able to Work At Least Part-time?

Many healthcare providers believe that only bedridden people are really disabled and that everyone else should be able to work at least sometimes. Many individuals share this opinion. A lawyer may state that this opinion provides a helpful perspective to the Social Security Administration.

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