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How to Know If You Meet the Social Security Duration Requirement

Medical conditions that only put you out of work for a few months are not enough to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. There is a duration requirement to qualify as a Redondo Beach Social Security disability attorney can tell you. You must have a medically determinable impairment for a continuous period of 12 months, or an impairment that is expected to last that long, in order to qualify for benefits.

A common question heard by a Social Security disability attorney has to do with impairments that wax and wane or have brief periods of remission. The duration requirement is not usually a problem for claimants who are claiming such impairments. To be sure, consult your Social Security disability attorney.

However, you and your Social Security disability lawyer are not allowed to add together the durations of multiple unrelated impairments in order to meet the 12-month requirement.

If it has not yet been 12 months, your case might be denied because of the duration requirement. If this happens, it is likely because the SSA decision-maker thinks your impairment is likely to improve within 12 months. Talk to your Social Security disability attorney about your options if you feel this is inaccurate.

If there is no definitive prediction as to whether your condition is going to improve soon, the SSA might delay your case to see how your impairment progresses or worsens. If this happens, you and your Social Security disability lawyer might find that the duration requirement might naturally be met by the time you reach the next step of the process.

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