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How to Testify About Your Shortness of Breath

When you testify at your Social Security disability hearing, you can expect the administrative law judge or your Social Security disability attorney to ask you questions about your impairment and your symptoms. One such symptom commonly claimed by disability applicants is shortness of breath.

If your impairment manifests with shortness of breath, here are some questions you should discuss with your Social Security disability attorney before your testimony.

Talk About the Cause

Shortness of breath is usually an after-effect of some trauma or a symptom of some other condition. Your Social Security disability attorney might ask you to describe when you experience shortness of breath and what causes it. Do you have asthma? Is it an allergic reaction? Do you experience lung congestion or cardiac chest pain?

Some claimants, as a Social Security disability lawyer knows, experience shortness of breath from simply lying down or mild exertion. Others experience it when they are stressed out or experience panic attacks.

Talk About the Effects

Your Social Security disability attorney might ask you to describe how it feels when you are short of breath. Do you find yourself wheezing? Do you frequently have acute episodes of breathing problems?

Talk About Your Physical Exertion

Your Social Security disability lawyer might ask you to think about your ability to exert yourself. How fast and how far can you walk? How many stairs are you able to climb? Do you have to stop frequently?

If you have more questions about what to expect at your disability hearing, contact a Social Security disability attorney. Call James Dolenga at 1-866-772-5299.




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