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Importance of Objective Medical Findings

It is important for a physician to offer a professional and objective medical opinion in connection with a Social Security disability case. The alternative is to accept a claimant’s own opinion regarding his or her own ability to perform work-related tasks. However, some claimants have been known to describe symptoms that are not related in any way to their injuries, medical diagnosis or potential side effects of medication. In addition, some claimants have described severe limitations that would never be the medical result of a patient’s impairment, medical condition or history.

A Professional, Medical Opinion

This is why it is important to obtain the medical opinion of a trained and licensed physician who will understand the possible limitations of a specific type of injury or illness, says a Long Beach Social Security disability attorney. However, the medical report should take the patient’s own account of his or her pain and limitations. The examining physician should use professional judgment to determine whether or not a patient’s description of his or her limitations is consistent with the patient’s diagnosis.

A Social Security disability attorney says that both the medical opinion and a claimant’s own description of his or her limitations are important aspects of a disability case. For example, the Social Security Administration maintains a Listing of Impairments that includes specific illnesses and types of injuries that are known to cause disability, says a Social Security disability attorney. However, a person could suffer from an impairment that is not found in the list. In addition, researchers and the Social Security Administration have both concluded that, for example, a person’s x-ray results may not have a direct correlation with the actual function of a joint.

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