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Elder Law Attorney in Los Angeles CA
Elder Law Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Working with new clients is always a great reminder of why I do what I do. 

In the last 2 weeks, I spoke with 2 elderly women.  One is a caregiver for her husband.  He had a stroke and is essentially homebound.  He needs constant supervision and assistance.  Even when my client has a doctor’s appointment for herself, she needs to arrange for someone to say with him.  She has been paying out of pocket for a neighbor to come over and help get him out of bed and help with his care. Sometimes she will pay the neighbor to help get him back to bed at the end of the day if the daughter or son-in-law can’t come over.  She is paying for his catheter supplies, adult diapers, and other care items.  To do so has been a constant drag on their finances.  After a brief call, I advised her that for the same amount that she is paying the neighbor she could qualify for in-home supportive services which would also provide significantly more hours of assistance and may have some of his supplies covered as well.

The other client is caring for her father who has dementia. 

She cared for him at home as long as she could but eventually had to put him in a care facility which was costing thousands of dollars per month.  When he had an episode of delirium and became aggressive, he required skilled nursing.  The memory care facility would not take him back.  My client is faced with paying thousands per month to pay for skilled nursing.  Instead, I will be working with her to reallocate her father’s assets in order to get him Medi-Cal qualified so that the skilled nursing will be covered.  She did express an interest in taking him back home if she could get some help and I explained that she will be able to get significant in-home supportive services hours if he is able to leave skilled nursing.

These are the types of clients I am honored to assist.


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