Work and Educational History

Perhaps the most important aspect of your case is the testimony that you provide through your Social Security disability attorney at your disability hearing. Before you testify at this hearing, your  Social Security disability attorney can review your potential testimony one or more times. By taking the time to practice with your Social Security disability lawyer, you can learn about the topics that will likely be discussed during this hearing, including information about your work history and education.

Work History

Your Social Security disability attorney will ask you a variety of questions about your work history, including what job duties you had at each job that you held during the last 15 years. Additionally, the judge may ask certain questions about this information, such as the amount of weight you carried and how many hours out of each work day you spent in different physical positions.

Be prepared to name each former employer and the reason for your severance. Additionally, be prepared to list the types of skills that were required for each job with your Social Security disability attorney, but answer this information in an accurate manner, not by over-inflating them.


Your Social Security disability attorney will ask how far you went in school. He or she will also ask about any training you completed in the military or on the job.

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