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The Disability Hearing: What Will Happen

Social Security regulations are rather vague when it comes to describing how the disability hearing should go. The purpose of the hearing is for you and your Long Beach Social Security disability attorney to present your case and for the administrative law judge to inquire into the issues and ask you questions. If your Social Security disability attorney has brought evidence to present, that will be part of the hearing as well.

Luckily, you and your Social Security disability lawyer have an advantage in presenting your case: You may present evidence that that would not ordinarily be admissible in a court of law under the rules of evidence. The disability hearing is less formal and less strict.

That said, you will probably bring witnesses who can testify about your impairment. The judge or your Long Beach Social Security disability attorney might ask these witnesses questions to clarify their testimony.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict how the hearing will go with any more detail than that. Every administrative law judge conducts their hearings somewhat differently and might use different styles or lengths of questioning. Some judges will allow your Long Beach Social Security disability lawyer to ask questions first; others prefer to ask questions themselves. Some will give verbose and long opening statements; others keep things short. Just remember that your Social Security disability attorney will be there to help you, and will prepare you ahead of time.

For more information about your disability hearing, contact a Social Security disability attorney. Call James Dolenga at 1-866-772-5299

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