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Tips for Helping Your Mom Understand Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Long Beach
Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Long Beach

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. To qualify, your mom must be 65 or older, require skilled nursing care in a care home, have a qualifying disability, or meet the income guidelines. It may be hard for you to understand all the rules, making it hard to explain things to your mom.

How do you help your mom understand the Medi-Cal program when it’s hard enough for you to make sense of it? Here are a few tips that simplify the program.


Medi-Cal Covers Some or All of Your Healthcare Expenses

When you qualify for Medi-Care, many of your healthcare expenses are covered. It eases worries about being able to afford medical treatments, exams, and prescription medications as long as they are “medically necessary.”

For example, your mom has diabetes and requires the equipment to check her blood sugar levels. She needs insulin or other medications and has to see her doctor twice a year. She also has to get yearly eye exams and dental visits twice yearly.

Doctors’ visits, hospitalizations, most prescription medications that aren’t covered under Medicare Part D, medical equipment, and dental care all fall under Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal coverage.

Asset Limits Changed on July 1st

On July 1, 2022, the asset limits for Medi-Cal changed. This change may help your mom retain more of her assets than in the past, when it was just a couple of thousand. Now, she can have up to $130,000 as an individual or $195,000 as a couple.

There are exceptions to this. For example, SSI sticks with the $2,000 (single) or $3,000 (couple) rule. In addition to asset limits, there are income limits. To qualify for Medi-Cal, your mom may face monthly income restrictions of no more than $1,584 (individual) or $2,126 (couple).

When she applies for Medi-Cal, she must have documentation to prove her income. This documentation might be Social Security payments, pensions, or pay stubs from a part-time job. She’ll also want to have recent tax returns and bank statements.


Apply as Soon as She Can

If your mom suspects she will need help from Medi-Cal, she needs to sign up ASAP. It can take time to process an application, so the sooner she does, the less of a wait she has to get coverage, especially if she’s going to need help with skilled nursing care. Intermediate care homes often have long waitlists, so the sooner she’s on that list, the better it is for her when she needs help.


Work With a Medi-Cal Attorney

Medi-Cal can be a complicated application process for someone completely new to the system if you want a stress-free way to help your mom with the application process that increases her odds of approval the first time, work with a Medi-Cal attorney.

A Medi-Cal attorney knows all about the recent rule changes regarding the assets you can have. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

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