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Tips You Should Know Before Your Disability Hearing

Here is some advice from a Social Security disability lawyer about how you can prepare for your Social Security disability hearing.

Dress for the Occasion

A common question for any Social Security disability lawyer is how the claimant should dress for the hearing. It is not a formal situation like a trial. You can dress how you like, within reason, but try to dress comfortably. You will be sitting for a while.

Come Early

Your Social Security disability attorney might ask you to arrive at a specific time. If not, then you should plan to be there about half an hour early. Your Notice of Hearing might advise you to show up even earlier, but this is not necessary. Your Social Security disability lawyer will have reviewed your case file prior to the hearing, so he or she might want to quickly review some things with you.

No Distractions

If your Social Security disability attorney does not remind you, remember to turn off your cell phone or any other distracting devices before the hearing begins.

Take It Seriously

It is OK to be nervous before the hearing begins. Your Social Security disability lawyer will be there to advise you. However, don’t try to hide your nervousness by making jokes or talking vocally about your case to others. A Social Security employee might hear you and get the wrong impression about your claim.

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