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Understanding Whether You Are Disabled Enough to Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

Clients of a Social Security disability attorney often ask how they will know if they’re disabled enough to get Social Security disability benefits.

Your Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Explain the Age Factor in Receiving Benefits

A  Social Security disability attorney will tell you that the regulations are such that older people will have less of a problem than younger people. As the age range of people applying rises from 45 to 60, it becomes easier. People over the age of 55 who are not able to do a job they did in the previous 15 years should apply.

A Social Security Disability Attorney Will Help You Understand When Younger People Should Apply

A younger person doesn’t need to be confined to bed to get benefits. Those under age 45 who can’t perform jobs they did in the past or are unable to work at a normal job should have a strong enough case to apply.

James Dolenga, JD

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