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Vocational Issues and How They Relate to a Social Security Disability Hearing

When preparing for a Social Security disability hearing, clients of a disability lawyer frequently have questions about vocational issues.

The Physical and Mental Demands of Prior Relevant Work

It might not be required for your disability attorney to have a vocational expert (VE) to detail the physical and mental demands of previous relevant work as it was performed. The Social Security regulations indicate that statements by the claimant regarding these demands are generally sufficient.

If a VE is at the hearing, he or she will likely provide a description of relevant work you had done in the past. The regulations state that the VE can give evidence as to the mental and physical demands of the past relevant work a claimant has performed.

What Is Meant by Physical and Mental Demands of the Former Job and Its Connection to the Current Economy

This becomes important if you can’t do previous jobs as you performed them in the past, but it had similar demands and greater responsibilities than would be a requirement for that same job by another employer. You will receive a finding of disability if you are able to do the job as it is ordinarily needed to be done in jobs that are in the current U.S. economy.

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