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What Your Disability Lawyer Does

It is important to know what the role of yourSocial Security disability lawyer will be at your hearing. When you are testifying, your attorney will probably ask you several questions related to your impairment and your life. However, if you have been well prepared and have thought about the issues that you want to discuss ahead of time, you may do most of the talking and your lawyer may not need to ask you very much.

Some disability judges like to ask questions of the claimant. In this case, your Social Security Disability law firm will only ask you a question in order to clarify something or bring up an issue that was not adequately explained in your answer. In general, the more information you provide in answering the judge’s questions, the better an answer it will be. The judge wants to hear your story and get to know your situation. The judge is much less interested in hearing your lawyer talk.

If you have brought witnesses to the hearing to testify in support of you, your Social Security disability law firm will ask them questions about what they have observed regarding your impairment. In addition, if the judge has called any expert witnesses to testify about your job skills or your ability to hold down work, your lawyer will also question them.

Finally, your Social Security disability lawyer will gather the necessary medical evidence and reports to substantiate what you say about your impairment and its symptoms.

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