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Would Medi-Cal Work For Your Mom’s Long-Term Care Needs?

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Los Angeles
Medi-Cal Planning Attorney in Los Angeles

Your mom had a stroke, and her care needs cover an expansive list. Your family worries about this as everyone still works full-time, and many of you have children at home, too. No one can quit their job, and your mom’s medical team recommends skilled nursing care in a long-term care facility and many sessions with a range of therapists.

Genworth puts the average cost of nursing home care at over $12,000 per month for a private room and almost $9,800 per month for a shared room. It’s costly, and many families feel there’s no choice but to quit their jobs and provide the care their parent needs.

That’s the situation you and your siblings are finding yourselves. $10,000 a month is far more than she can afford. You’re uncertain how she’ll even pay for the care she needs. It has everyone stressed and uncertain about what happens next. Have you looked into whether your mom qualifies for Medi-Cal?

Why Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is California‘s Medicaid program. If your mom meets the income requirements, her retirement income pays as much of the long-term care she needs in a nursing home. Medicaid covers the rest.

If your mom has too many assets and savings right now, she’d be required to use a private pay arrangement until her assets run out. Once they reach the $130,000 limit, Medi-Cal would step in and help.

It’s not the most straightforward application process. There are rules that your mom must adhere to, so it helps to work with an elder law attorney who specializes in Medi-Cal applications.

Keep These Rules in Mind

Does your mom qualify for Medi-Cal? She must be a resident of California and not have more than $130,000 in assets. She needs more than 30 days of long-term care in a skilled nursing facility, hospital, ICF, or convalescent home. She also has to be a U.S. citizen or meet the requirements laid out when it comes to immigration status.

There are other rules that you need to remember. If your mom is still married, the asset limits may be different to protect the spouse still living at home. Income is also considered. Any retirement income will pay for her long-term care, while Medi-Cal covers the balance.

Medi-Cal eligibility must be reviewed a minimum of once a year, sometimes more often. As the application process is full of rules and requirements,  it can be difficult to navigate. Many families find it less stressful to work with a knowledgeable Medi-Cal attorney.

A Medi-Cal attorney knows what’s required with the application. It can ensure that your mom’s application is approved the first time and not sent back for additional information. Schedule a consultation to get started.


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