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Your Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Your Hearing

The best way to go into your disability hearing feeling ready and confident is to understand how the hearing will proceed. Your Social Security disability lawyer has described the hearing setting below and has provided information about who will be present.

Your Social Security Disability Attorney on the Informality of Hearings

While disability hearings are much more informal than a typical court hearing, this does not mean that there are no rules to follow. It is important to note that all testimony will still be given under oath. You must answer all questions on your own without input from other witnesses. Your witnesses will have an opportunity to testify for themselves as well.

Your Social Security Disability Lawyer on Other Parties Present

In addition to yourself and your attorney, the judge and his assistant will be present at your hearing. The judge may choose to call a vocational or medical expert to testify as well. You and your attorney may decide to call witnesses to testify on your behalf, or you may choose to bring observers into the hearing room.

Preparing for Your Hearing With Your Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney

As you move forward with your disability claim, a knowledgeable attorney will be an invaluable asset to help you prepare. A Social Security disability lawyer from the Social Security Law Center can help. Call today at 1-866-772-5299.

James Dolenga, JD

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